Alan C Tough
Image taken:
Mar. 1, 2009
Elgin, Moray, Scotland.
After a brief sprinkling of rain (necessitating a frantic scramble to find telescope covers and an umbrella!) the "seeing" diminished by a magnitude or so. The sky was, however, completely clear so I continued with my imaging programme. Total imaging time for the attached photo was 50 minutes. Imaging equipment: Sky-Watcher 100ED, HEQ5 mount, Canon EOS 300D at prime focus, Astronomik CLS filter. Exposure details: 5 x 10 minute sub-frames @ f/9, ISO-800, taken between 23:53 and 00:35 UT on 01-02 Mar 2009. Guiding equipment: Sky-Watcher 80ED, StarShoot Autoguider, PHD guiding software.
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