B.Art Braafhart
Image taken:
Aug. 16, 2011
Salla-Sallatunturi, Finnish-Lapland
As the aurora forecast for the night of August the 15th/16th 2011 predicted 'Activ' (nr.4)I went to the best observation point in my area, Sallatunturi fell (alt.476m) in Salla, Finnish Lapland. Accompanied by two owls, flying around the observation place, with in the north a beautiful twilight sky coloring from deep orange via yellow and light blue to dark blue, and in the south an almost full moon in a winterlike pink sky, the scenery was bathed in fairytale conditions. Also the temperature, a comfortable +10C., caused a warm feeling. However too bad, it lasted until after midnight when suddenly, straight above me, a strange 'cloud' appeared in the clear sky: The first Aurora of season 2011-2012! Between 00:36h and 00:40h, so about 4 minutes, this light green colored aurora ran eastwards, meanwhile changing form and intensity and finally extinguished over Old Salla on Russian territory. It was my earliest aurora observation since 2005 and 2006 (August 20th).
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