Babak Tafreshi
Image taken:
Jan. 4, 2009
Alborz Mountains, Iran
While this year Quadrantid meteor shower was not that eye-catching and most meteors were faint, at least at my longitude some hours after the predicted peak, I managed to photograph few nice meteors and one is unique: A meteor in the small field of view of 200mm lens, during a short guided exposure of comet Lulin! The comet is a clear green little halo just above the meteor and close to the bright star Beta Scorpius. The background light is from zodiacal light, and the images is taken only few minutes before the start of astronomical twilight. Lulin might be the best comet in the coming months. It may reach magnitude 3 or 4 with a visual tail in late February. Currently it is at about magnitude 7 and at the limit of naked eye visibility. It will reach below 6 by end of January; an easy naked-eye target under dark skies.
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