Bjarki Mikkelsen
Image taken:
Jan. 25, 2012
Jokkmokk Lapland Sweden
Absolutely mind blowing night. It is indescribable how it looked in the sky from here at 7 o'clock last night till now. We just have no words for this beautiful northern lights. People who have never seen it, can not imagine how it works when the northern lights travel over the sky with more than 500 miles per second. It lights up everything around us, and all snow was completely green. Fantastic night. Jesper said something funny to me as we stood and looked at it. I believe it is God who bends it like it was fluorescent bulb which is shaped like clay of light. I think now more it looks like curtains that flutter across the sky with fire in. It was a powerful solar storm, may well frighten a little when its gripper arms out to us or the house we live in. It is believed it is not possible to hear it, but we thought we could hear it as a gnitrende rain much away? A really good night mother earth gave us. That was why we went north. Cam: Olympus E-420. ISO 400
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