Bob G. Hughes
Image taken:
Nov. 8, 2009
Somerville, Alabama, USA
Attributed this to the many high altitude jet aircraft which routinely pass over here going between Memphis TN and Atlanta GA, often creating contrails which can haze the sky. Having looked at this web sites image submissions yesterday I realized people were seeing these in other parts of USA on or around this date. A white speck appears in the dissipating arc photo (upper left of center) but doesn't seem to be on my other photos taken at that time, not sure what it was. Probably totally unrelated to a star-like object I photographed the previous day in another area of the sky. Examining the original-size photo shows it to be larger, brighter and have a slightly smeared appearance... a high-flying sunlit bird or jet? I think Jupiter and Venus didn't occupy that particular place in the sky. My other sighting, submitted recently, of a star-like object during daytime was in the same place a couple minutes based on video time after first seeing it, pale blue to my eyes and fluctuating in brightness. Never know what you're going to see when looking (or picture-taking) into the sky! Panasonic DMC-TZ5 digital camera, ISO 100, 1/640s exposure.
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