Brandon Lovett
Image taken:
Sep. 12, 2011
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Fairbanks, Alaska was overcast and drizzly for the first round of geomagnetic storms caused by the CME. Two days later, the weather cleared, and the oval still showed KP4 auroras! Around local midnight, I went outside expecting activity. I instantly noticed a bright curtain directly overhead, and slightly curving towards the south. I immediately grabbed my gear, headed to location, and endured the frosty, sub-freezing Alaskan night. It was worth it. Even with the bright harvest moon the colors shone through quite vibrant, with active pinks and dark greens. I even noticed a corona overhead a few times! There never is a dull night at latitude 65! [As usual, no retouching performed] Short timelapse at
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