Brian Colville
Image taken:
Oct. 26, 2009
My backyard observatory 'Maple Ridge Observatory' located near Cambray, ON Canada
These images were taken over the noon hour (EDT)on October 26th...AR 1029 is a nice treat to view and image. The images were taken with my usual setup...full disk images through a William Optics 70mm scope (430mm focal length) and the close ups with the Celestron C102 (1,000mm focal length). The white light image uses a Baader solar film, the Ha use a Lunt LS50FHa/B1200 filter set, and the CaK are through the Lunt CaK B1200 module. All images were captured with a Lumenera Infinity 2-1M camera, controlled with Lucam Recorder amd processed with Registax. I have posted each individual image since Photoshop is acting up and I cannot easily put composits together. Also, I had to fight cloud during the last image (the Ha shot through the longer focal length) and it turns out I was looking through the branches of a tree at the last as well, so the Ha closeup is only the result of about 40 good frames. I hope everyone is getting a chance to explore this active region. Questions and comments are always welcome. Brian
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