Chris Schur
Image taken:
Jan. 29, 2012
Payson, Arizona
From sunrise to sunset, our automated robotic camera system with a fish eye lens recorded the northern half of the sky every five minutes all night long until morning twilight. When reviewing all the frames taken during this night of massive auroral storming to the north, the normally neutral grey sky to the north suddenly at around 3am glowed an intense green hue for only about half an hour, then returned to normal. Although we have some airglow visible on many nights here photographically, we never get one this bright. I suspect I was actually getting the topmost layers of the aurora which was seen in its entirety in the northern US that evening. These are 5 minute exposures with a Canon XTi modified for astronomical use, and a sigma 8mm fisheye lens at f/3.5. The sun is finally wakihng up!
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