Chris Schur
Image taken:
Sep. 25, 2011
Payson, Az
What a massive surprise when we set up our solar scopes this morning and turned them on the sun! AR1302 was caught right in the act of a massive flare, and we managed to capture at its peak as seen here in these three images. They are all with a Coronado 40mm Hydrogen alpha scope with a 3x barlow. The first image is exposed for the flare to show its inner details. The second image is exposed for the disk and shows how blazing bright the flare was at its peak. The final third image is one of the most amazing sights i have ever witnessed on the sun, a huge spray of plasma seen here in the blue wing of the Halpha line to compensate for the doppler shift - blasting away from the sunspot. We watched over an hour and the spray morphed constantly in shape and details until it was gone by 9am. Wow. What a show! DMK camera, 3x barlow.
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