Christopher Go
Image taken:
Aug. 16, 2009
Cebu City, Philippines
Ever since the Hangzhou Eclipse disaster, I have been depressed. I needed a turn around! Playing with Winjupos, I found out that Io will have a shadow transit on Ganymede today. After this transit, Io itself will transit the northern region of Ganymede! This is a very rare even that I would not miss. I woke up at around 11:30pm. But the sky was overcast! This isn't good. I went back to bed and went back out around 12:00am. There was a clearing around the area of Jupiter! The transit would start around 12:30 am local time. Seeing was excellent this evening, but I still had to deal with some clouds in between. Transparency was very variable! Sadly I was not able to capture the start of the shadow transit because of the clouds. But I was able to capture the rest of the event! Below is the animation of this rare event! Ganymede is well resolved with lots of albedo features. While imaging the transit, I was also took the time to image Jupiter. The GRS is very prominent. Note the SEB dark barge following the GRS has split into two! The NEB is very busy. Note the dark red ovals on the northern edge of the NEB.
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