Conrad Jung
Image taken:
Nov. 8, 2011
Observatory for the 36-inch Reflecting Telescope ("Nellie") at the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, California
This image was taken using one of our 5-inch guidescopes mounted to our 36-inch reflector. It is a composite of 4 exposures of 15-seconds each with an approximate 20-second break between exposures. The exposures were taken about 19:11 PST (03:11 UT). In our other 5-inch guidescope we had mounted a Mallincam astro-video camera which provided a live image to a widescreen monitor as well as a image to the internet to allow visitors at the center and elsewhere to view this event live. The main 36-inch telescope had a CCD camera which was doing science imaging collecting positional data to be later submitted to the Minor Planeet Center. Later on, after the sciencee imaging was completed, the CCD camera was removed and visitors could then step up and look through the telescope and watch the asteroid drift by the stars.
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