Doug Zubenel
Image taken:
Sep. 30, 2011
Fairway Park, Fairway, Kansas.
This evening, while hosting a star party for a school group in Fairway, KS, I noticed yet another enhanced-color sky. The dome of purplish-pink light reached nearly 70 degrees above the western horizon when first seen. I have observed such twilight skies on Aug. 11, 13 and 24, and Sep. 4, 19 and tonight: Sep. 30. The likeliest cause is particulates from last June's eruption of Nabro. The first two images are the same image, with the first showing the naked-eye impression, and the second at maximum color saturation taken at 6:20 pm, CDT, with the sun 3.9 degrees below the horizon. The second pair are done the same, but taken at 6:23 with the sun 4.7 degrees below the horizon.
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