Duncan Waldron
Image taken:
Nov. 27, 2011
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I was testing a newly-acquired lens and noticed a large diffuse patch south of Orion. I first thought it was cloud, but it didn't appear to be moving or changing - then I realised that it must be Curiosity, on its way to Mars. I'd watched the launch a couple of hours earlier, but didn't imagine I'd see anything as it passed over Australia. The length of the plume was around 0.9 degree. The main body of the craft can be seen separately from the Centaur booster, the two parts having separated after an 8-minute burn over the Indian Ocean. Canon 30D, with 55 mm lens at 2.8; ISO 1000, 10 second exposure. Exposures at 16:34 UT and 16:39 UT.
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