Jacob Kuiper
Image taken:
Jul. 14, 2009
Steenwijk, The Netherlands
A magnificent evening in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands! The pink glow of volcanic dust had hardly faded when the first swirls of noctilucent clouds appeared. The pink and crème-yellow colours of the Sarychev-Peak dust were very distinct this evening and 30 to 45 minutes after sunset the north-western sky was a mixture of marvellous colours. At that moment a white veal appeared in the western part of the sky at 35 degrees height. Unmistakably these must be NLC’s I thought. I realized that they were so very early visible after sunset, that it almost had to result in a big display in the next hour. And it did! The whole sky from southwest to northeast and up to a height of more than 50 degrees above the horizon was full of NLC’s. Three panoramas are showing the whole phenomena.
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