Jan Timmermans
Image taken:
Oct. 25, 2009
Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
Octiber 25, 2009 - Very early this Sunday we went into winter time and thus got an extra hour of sleep :o) I was able to image at midday but cloud coverage was almost 100% with only an occasional gap; wind speed 4bf. I managed to capture just enough frames to produce an acceptable result. AR1029 is already a well sized sunspot and seems to be growing, so deserves [lots of] attention. Because of the clouds (and finally also the trees) I was not able to image in white light, alas. Imaging with Coronado PST piggybacked on LX200 with Televue Powermate 2.5x operating at f/25 [focal length 1000mm] and Philips Vesta SC3a B/W webcam.
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