Jason Evans
Image taken:
Dec. 14, 2009
Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK
I braved the cold last night to watch the Geminids, and it was worth it! from 3am to 4am I counted 43 Geminids, which i think is a good rate for a single observer considering my location stuck inbetween Southampton and my town. There were some outbursts of 2 or 3 at a time, I think i would have seen more if i had not have been messing about with my camera, but I was really trying to get a photo, as I have been trying to get a meteor shot for years now, and i finally managed it with this faint Geminid streaking across the sky to the lower left of Ursa majors tail, its nothing spectacular but im happy i got my meteor pic at last, now i really have captured a shooting star! the camera is a Canon Powershot A630, focus set to infinity, F/2.8 exposure time of 15 seconds (thats the maximum exposure time for my camera) ISO 400
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