Jeffrey Berkes
Image taken:
Jan. 4, 2008
West Chester, PA
It was extremely clear and cold with the temps around 13 degrees. I was outside from 04:00 UT until 06:30 UT (11pm EST- 130am EST) and only saw a handful of meteors. I have been waiting about 4 years to see this shower because of interference with winters usual cloud cover. I was expecting to see a boat load but I didn't. I was able to catch this first meteor streaking through the Big Dipper. The other 2 are slicing through the tree line almost running parallel to the horizon. It was a beautiful sight. All meteors were white fading into an orange brfore burning out. Nikon D70 ISO 400 , 18-70 EDIF (@18mm), 30" @ F/3.5
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