Jens Hackmann
Image taken:
Feb. 22, 2012
Weikersheim, southern Germany
I could point at the crescent moon (only 18 hours old) just twenty minutes after sunset. First I thought the weather here might destroy all hopes to observe this setting young moon, but then it twinkled in the viewfinder of my camera. There is also a lucky shot: not one plane passed the moon, no... another one also passed the celestial body... A really lucky shot. The image data: Canon EOS dSLR at a TEC-140 triplet apochromatic refractor f= 980 mm, f/7, 800 ISO speed Landscape image: Canon EOS dSLR at a telephoto lens f= 400 mm, f/10 t= 2.5 sec, 100 ISO speed Location: Weikersheim in southern Germany. 22nd February 2012, 17:30 UT.
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