John C McConnell
Image taken:
Feb. 20, 2009
Maghaberry Northern Ireland.
Hi Tony,This image was taken at 02:33UT on Feb 20th when an interesting fact was uncovered by renowned comet expert Gary W Kronk. On this same morning he was imaging Lulin from his home in Illinois, United States, but exactly seven hours after my image was taken. He discovered that the coma of the comet passed directly over the asteroid 29 Amphitrite at mag + 9.9. Gary actually marked the asteroid on my image below which is a crop from a wider field. Canon 400D Camera was clock driven and the exposure was 48 seconds at f3.2 50mm 1.8 lens. Late last night I found a further twist, 29 Amphitrite was the only asteroid discovered by Albert Marth,a German astronomer who at one time worked at Markree Castle Observatory in Co. Sligo, Ireland!. The asteroid was discovered on March 1st 1854 when he was working at George Bishop's observatory in London, interesting.
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