LeRoy Zimmerman
Image taken:
Apr. 12, 2012
Along Henderson Road, Just outside of Ester, Alaska, just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska
The northern aurora season is dying quickly as the darkness of winter gives way to the endless light of summer. But all is not over yet. Last night there was a brief but lovely show between 1:15-1:45am local time. Nothing was really expected or forecast, but it was so warm(+35F), that it would have been a shame not to put in a bit of time. The aurora cam(http://salmon.nict.go.jp/live/aurora_cam/live_aurora_cam_e.html) was showing a bit of green, so it seemed it would be worth one last look. Well the evening ended up quite nice. Fast moving, covering most of the sky at times. I was surprised by the fact that the auroras came in from the south, so there must have been something bigger going on before it got dark. The aurora oval was expanded so that the first view was not only overhead, but even a bit southward from that. The aurora was quite active overhead and towards the north as the aurora ring collapsed for the evening. So my timing was good this time. The darkness is still not gone, so there may even be a few more chances yet. Canon 5DII, f2.8, ISO 3200.
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