Lisa Marie Ford
Image taken:
Oct. 24, 2011
Family Farm Country, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, USA
A hazy green fogged the Big Dipper at the twilight of a crisp fall night. Streaks of Red darted upward just on the edge of eyesight. The word spread 'round the barnyard; from the ducks to the horse to the cat. The goats were too busy stuffing hay into their mouths to notice; adding to bellies already quite fat. With a splash of ducky delight and the pounding hooves of running calves, the sky brightened more colorful than a photographer's wish; lighting the leaves treading on muddy paths. Pillars of blue and of cream overtook the Milky Way, while slashes of red and gold dueled ever Eastward treading on Taurus’s stars and near to where the Pleiades stay. More vibrant than the dawn and twice as fleeting the Auroras danced over the farmlands and hillsides below, as the puddles and the ponds reflected their visions twofold rippling wherever little ducks would go. Alas nothing lasts forever and the storm dwindled once again. Faint shades of Red and Purple delayed just barely visible to all but a camera’s lens. The faint arc lingered last, as it always does; the haze and glow of green: just a memory of the beauty and brilliance that moments ago had been. Time moves on with only a fleeting Orionid for company and the hopes that another display may soon come to be. Photo Details: Nikon D7000 w/Nikkor 35mm 1.8, Exposures vary between 800-1600 ISO and 13-20seconds.
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