Mark A. Brown
Image taken:
Nov. 25, 2009
Springfield, VA, USA
Spectacular passing of ISS and Atlantis 12.5 hours after separation! We had been experiencing rain and drizzle for the past several days, but the skies gave way to some partial breaks allowing this fly-by to be visible. The pair were shining as brilliantly as Venus as they came into view in the northwest sky. Their reflected light pierced the low flying clouds above as they passed slightly north of the 1st magnitude star Vega. About a minute later, the pair disappeared into Earth's shadow north of the gibbous moon. With the retirement of the shuttle coming in 2010, these dual fly-bys will soon be a thing of the past. Photo details: Canon Digital Rebel, ISO 400, f/4.0, 23 and 14 second exposures.
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