Mark Seibold
Image taken:
Jun. 15, 2008
Front driveway of home in Portland Oregon
What was a usual setup and observation on June 8th through my h-alpha solar telescope turned out to be an impressive pyramid shaped prominence that changed fast as it came around the western limb of the sun. As fast as I could do the preliminary sketch and then later transcribe it to one of my usual abstract impressionistic pastel works. I have the influence of adding Dali, de Kooning and Pollock to the creative process which I think inspires the scientific observation of others; but I appease my scientific contemporaries by sdding the Tilting Sun from Les Cowley as it was he and Erika Rix that initially inspired my first abstract vision of the solar ejecta prominence on Oct 12th that Tony Phillips displayed for several days on his front page to inspire a world of new artists to respond.
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