Mark Seibold
Image taken:
Aug. 8, 2008
Driveway at home
Dear Dr Phillips- Apon seeing the alert in, I was determined to sketch the Lunar X event, only to be rushed by approaching clouds just after sunset. I got maybe 45 minutes from 8:30 PM in daylight-sunset here in Portland till total darkness at 9:45 PM when clouds totally obscurred my viewing for the remainder of the evening. So it is not the intense pastel sketch that I had planned to complete yet I was able to record the many other ambient and adjacent craters features near the Werner crater that cause this anomaly. It was not as pronounced as I had imagined, so perhaps this was not the lunation cycle for it from our perspective here in Portland in August. I look forward to the next one in September. *Note the general "X" Feature to the right of my sketched area of the terminator. - Mark
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