Mark Seibold
Image taken:
Aug. 4, 2009
Mount tabor in central Portland Oregon
I had intended to sketch from Mt Tabor in central Portland Tuesday night August 4th but instead allowed the public to observe the moonrise through the Nexstar 5i. I returned home later to begin the sketch at midnight till about 2 AM Wednesday morning. Details slowed the finishing process, so I continued on Wednesday night until clouds stopped me. Some final touches of color and foreground were completed indoors. This was possibly the most intense use of color blending I have as yet attempted. The stagnant golden smog over Portland Tuesday night into Wednesday morning rendered the moon high in the south as if it were under rising color close to the horizon. Observed through a Nexstar 5i, Coulter Odyssey 10.1" Newtonian and binoculars. Sketch is rendered on 19 X 25" black Strathmore Artagain paper with various pastel chalks. The moons disc a few hours before full is sketched at 15 1/2" in diameter. Mark
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