Martin McKenna
Image taken:
Sep. 13, 2011
Maghera, Co. Derry, N. Ireland
Hi Tony This evening I went out moonbow hunting as the conditions looked very good with a waning full moon in the E less than 42 degs high and a train of nocturnal showers blowing in from the W over the Sperrin mountains, and when these two factors meet the result is a rare moonbow. Tonight turned out to be exceptional however, I have observed perhaps 35-40 moonbows in my life so far however these were the finest specimens I have seen in my life. I was treated to 7 sets of bright long duration bows which were not just bright - but remarkable in magnitude as complete bows with striking naked eye colours - red, yellow, blue, and not only this but I could see a faint secondary arc and very rare lunar supernumerary arcs. It was surreal to watch these bows form and show off while the moon illuminated the field I was standing in, it all seemed detached in the extreme. Here are a few of the many images taken, I couldn't resist stepping into the frame for a fun shot. What a session! Canon 450D ISO800 18mm lens F/3.2 various exposures
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