Martin McKenna
Image taken:
Nov. 17, 2009
Maghera, Co. Derry, N. Ireland
Hi Tony Between 02.00-06.30 UT I observed 89 meteors of which 64 were Leonids. At 05.57 UT I seen the most incredible Leonid fireball of my life which shot into the sky to my E of N. It was brighter than the full Moon with a giant dazzling green 'head' and streaming up from it was a LONG silver tail completely vertical to the horizon and as straight as a ruler filling the entire naked eye field of view. It left behind an incredible smoke train with a silver bulging head and remarable blue and purple vertical glowing trail at least 40 degrees long which hung in the air for 10 min's, it reminded me of a great comet!. The train faded and twisted due to high altitude winds and transformed into an orange coloured coil. I was frozen with astonishment and only managed to get these images as it faded. This was a sight I shall never forget! Fujifilm S6500fd 6.3MP ISO800 30 secs.
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