Michal Zolnowski
Image taken:
Sep. 26, 2008
Croatia, Island Brac
Hello, During my holiday In Croatia on Island Brac I made Picture of Shenzhou VII. Picture was made when Spaceship was near by Altair (brightest star on the Picture) and open cluster NGC 6837. I used Canon 40D with 50mm lens put on cheap mini tripod. I was lucky because the sky was covered with Clouds and it was very, very windy. ISO 1000, 25 seconds exposure. What is interesting a few years ago I had also opportunity to make image of Shenzhou VI from my observatory in Poland. Link to this old Picture is here: http://www.starrysite.com/en/index.php?m=Galleries&a=ShowGalleryImage&gc_id=13&gi_id=121 Clear sky! Michal
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