Miguel Claro
Image taken:
Oct. 31, 2009
Sobreda, Portugal.
Image obtained on Halloween night. The moon was covered by a layer of clouds with a slight haze, which led to a decrease in intensity in the light of the moon and a refractive possible ice crystals that produced a diffuse lunar halo effect. To get a good exposure for both, the impressive clouds as well as the moon, two images were taken with different apertures, processed separately and later combined. The final result is an ghostly moon in a night of witches, well known as "Halloween" night, but I preferred to call "The Moon Halo-Win". Image taken from home, Sobreda. Portugal. Canon 400D ISO 400 70mm APO lens F/4.5 Exp. 1/4 " in 31-10-09 at 20:10 and 20h13. For the second image the aperture is F22 with Exp. 1/10. Combined in Photoshop CS3. http://www.astrosurf.com/astroarte/HaloWinMoon48-Best-net.jpg
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