Miguel Claro
Image taken:
Sep. 21, 2009
Capuchos, Almada Portugal
Moonset trail and a City Crescent Moon. I did two pictures, a panoramic view and a Moon trail. In the image we can see an Earthsine, the trail of the Crescent Moon in the western horizon, until the Moonset, as well as many aircraft trails in the air. The image was taken in Capuchos, near the coast, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. To do the Moon Path I registered with my Canon 400D, 30 images, each one of 30 seconds exposure, starting at 20:25 and ending at 20:47 with total time of 22minutes. I setup the camera with an aperture of F-4.5, ISO 400 with a 34mm lens, the image was taken in 21-09-09. Later, I combined them all manually, in Photoshop CS3 to produce a single image with the path of the Moon. http://astrosurf.com/astroarte/MoonPath52-93-Seq-7-net.jpg I highlight in the image the difference in color of the trail, from the start, with a white tone, to the end of the trail with an orange tone, to be very low on the horizon, and even deformed. In the Panoramic image taken from Portugal we could see the Costa da Caparica as well as Almada city and Lisbon at right. At the top of the Sintra mountains, we can still see the light of the Sintra castle. In the Moon is visible an Eartshine. http://astrosurf.com/astroarte/MoonPanora33-37-net.jpg Canon 400D - ISO 400 F-5 1,3" 34mm in: 21-09-09 at 20:18
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