Mike Hollingshead
Image taken:
Aug. 29, 2008
Desoto Bend NWR, Iowa
Late summer through fall offers some interesting photo ops around here, with cool mornings, creating crop fog, or at least lake/river steam/fog. This particular morning turned out to have several interesting things to see and shoot. The crescent moon with earth shine above the fog was pretty nice, as was sun rays with a corona later. The steam devils on the lake though, those were rather amazing. The rapid motion in them can be rather captivating if you can get a close enough view to really see it. The 400mm lens did the trick, across the small lake. Next time I will have to shoot video. These steam devils really seem to prefer to form right along the morning shadow line of some trees along the lake shore. Tha differential heating must help things along there. They are really easy to find, just need a particularly cooler morning, while waters are still relatively warm. Then just need light winds, which often accompany the abnormally cool mornings anyway. Crop fog as well with lake/river steam/fog can really make any number of interesting scenes to shoot. If there's no steam devils, and no coronas to be found, there's always all the interesting patterns the low fog takes with the wind, over the terrain. I'm a huge fan of this thinner, lower fog, because of all the photo ops it makes. I'm not much of a fan of the general thick fog which you need a plane to get above. One just has to wake really early, as often if you wake or get out even 1-2 hours after sunrise, well it's probably all gone.
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