Mohammad Soltanolkottabi
Image taken:
Oct. 15, 2008
On Wednesday, early in the morning I went behind Jaame Abbasi Mosque of Esfahan. I planed to photograph the Moon beside Minarets of the Mosque but I couldent do this cause the suitable location was on the roof of a house! So I dicided to take two pictiures & combine them by photoshop.Here is the photo information: Photo information: Pictiure of the Moon Time:4:59 Focal length:60mm F-number: F/3.5 Exposure time: 1/200 s Iso speed:80 Pictiure of the Mosque Time:5:31 Focal length:34mm F-number: F/3.5 Exposure time: 30 s Iso speed:80 Date:2008/10/15 Sunrise:6:07 Moonset: 07:45
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