Oscar Martín Mesonero
Image taken:
Mar. 18, 2012
Salamanca, Spain
Last night of March 18 I was doing the Messier Marathon with members of the association. One project I had in mind for tonight was to photograph the planet Mars with several galaxies of Leo. Without more, we have screenshots of that area, where you see several galaxies near the planet. The photos were done with the ED80, At this time, everything was normal. The surprise came this morning when I had the knowledge that a supernova exploded in the galaxy M95. Quickly I checked the photos of that night and ... indeed there was. Unwittingly photographed a supernova of magnitude +13.5, only 2 days after its discovery. For if now, apart from having the conjunction of Mars with these galaxies, we add the explosion of a star in a distant galaxy. Never would have thought that tonight we bring so many things! Here you have the picture of the supernova. The Great Red Spot of the photography is the planet Mars
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