P. Edward Murray
Image taken:
Aug. 16, 2008
Yardley, Pennsylvania
Last May I was looking at The National Geographic Map of the Moon (fig 1)when I suddenly saw what I call "The Basketball Player in The Moon" that I later sketched onto a photo of the full moon that I took through my 4 1/4 inch Astroscan using my Meade Lunar & Planetary Imager Aug 2008.(fig 2) Can you see "The Basketball Player" in the next image taken through the Slooh Telescopes in October? fig 3 Independently verified by Steve Nathan, Co Chair of The Astronomical League's Lunar Club, Dr. Chuck Wood of Sky & Telescope and Bill Dembowski, Coordinator of Lunar Topographical Studies, Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO). My discovery was published in the August edition of The Lunar Observer (which I include as the website) the monthly publication of ALPO. My Basketball Player, Volleyball Player, Soccer Player or Juggler can be seen a few days before full moon and after. Oceanus Procellarum makes his back with Mare Cognitum his right shoulder and Mare Nubium his right elbow ( his arm is crooked just as if he is reaching for the ball) continuing into Sinus Aestuum and Sinus Medii his right hand. His left shoulder and arm begin at Sinus Roris (his left arm is curved reaching for the ball) and continues through Mare Frigoris ending as his left hand around the crater Aristotle. Mare Imbrium makes his head with his left ear as Sinus Iridum. The Basketball is Mare Serenitatis. If you choose to see him as a juggler of course Mare Serenitatus is a large ball with Mare Tranquilitatus,Mare Nectaris, and Mare Crisium being smaller balls. As I said before, he could additionally be aVolleyball or Soccer Player.
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