Pedro Galamarra
Image taken:
Jun. 23, 2013
Santo António da Neve, Castanheira de Pêra/Lousã, Portugal
In the night of the Super Moon, I opted to take advantage of the "super" light coming from the full moon. The main idea was to take some different exposures, to make a star trail and a small time-lapse of the whole action on this place at 1100m of altitude. This place were used in the past to get the snow and used to make ice to the kings of Portugal. This ice was then taken by old wagon driven by horses to Constância, in Zêzere river. The ice has to be surrounded with haystack to maintain ice properties . After Constância, it was taken by boat down Tagus river to Lisbon to the realm. (sorry for my english) 10mm f/8, 25 sec (each of 193 exposures) Total of 1h20m
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