Pete Lawrence
Image taken:
Jan. 4, 2012
Selsey, West Sussex, UK
This morning was lovely and clear from my location so, despite a biting cold wind, I sat up all night in an attempt to photograph the Quadrantid meteor shower. In total I have 75 DSLR frames with meteor related material on them - which I'm very pleased about. In addition I caught my first meteor train on camera too, followed shortly by my second! The sequence here shows a few frames from one meteor which left behind a faint train - a column of gently decaying ionised gas. As the train sits in the upper atmosphere, so high altitude winds distort its appearance dramatically. The full sequence (together with the other train sequence) is much longer than this but I'm tired so this will do as a taster for the amazing sights that occurred during the Quadrantids 2012 meteor shower.
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