Pete Strasser
Image taken:
Dec. 1, 2009
Tucson, with the full moon at about 70 degrees. Nikon D70, ISO 200, 5 second exposure
I have read the literature that says two things: that the full moon is 0.01 foot candles, and that this is not bright enough to see color (scotopic vision). I have seen color under the full moon for ever. The image taken in Tucson on the first full moon of December 2009 indicates over 3 times the level stated in the books. And color? This image gives a very accurate representation of what we could see. Is there something unique about the moonlight in Tucson, or can some other viewers of this website do some measurements of their own and send in their results? The meter is a Minolta T-10 and has always given very accurate results. Yes, this is a 5 second exposure, but this is what we saw.
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