Quanzhi Ye
Image taken:
Jan. 5, 2009
Lulin Observatory, Taiwan
I just read your most recent post on the front page -- so I'm now submitting more images of Comet Lulin since these are taken by the discoverer as well as the telescope that used to find the comet. As a private contribution to the IYA2009, I'll continuely posting images or other stuffs about my comet on my blog (http://yeiht.y234.cn), as long as they are available. Also, as a teenager, I hope my discovery (I was just 19 when discovered it, with the help from Chi Sheng Lin, the observing assistant of Lulin Observatory) could do some help with many boys and girls, similar to my age or younger, who have persued the same "starry" dreams as myself. Please note that the credit of these images go to NCU/Lulin Observatory, I just process them for a better look.
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