Ralf Vandebergh
Image taken:
May. 24, 2011
the Netherlands
subject: Nanosail-D May 24 image sequence_update analysis Here is the best-frame sequence from the movie of May 24 in an image-set. After closer inspection I do see a sign of tumbling. I have marked the point were one tumble may start and ends with the yellow line. In the frames between the lines you clearly see another angle of the Sail-surface with the observer. Ralf Nanosail-D2 May 24 image sequence Result from a great Nanosail-D imaging session on May 24, were it reached an altitude of 62 degrees and it was wildly flashing for the naked eye. Because the seeing was good, many frames were sharp so it was worthy to show the image sequence (only the very best frames)in a movie. This is the evidence that the Sail is resolved and confirmation for my earlier images; You clearly see the Sail approaching when it visible from an angle and looks elongated, then near closest distance you look clearly straight onto the surface of the Sail. Note also the attitude of the Sail which is in the frames the same. http://freeimagehosting.nl/pics/bde90189b8f386d9aef1a562143c2455.gif Best wishes, Ralf Vandebergh
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