Ralf Vandebergh
Image taken:
Nov. 22, 2009
the Netherlands
subject: 2009/11/22 ISS-STS-129 observations ________________________________________ The ELC-2, one of the new ISS elements carried to the station with the Atlantis STS-129, is visible in this image I took on Nov 22. The ExPRESS Logistics Carrier(ELC)2 was mounted to the S3 truss on flight day 6 (Nov 21). I took the image left 3 days earlier and you see how a piece of the station is added. Unfortunately we have very bad weather during the mission, and I had to take this image in a cloud gap in very unstable and windy air, result; not the best quality image, but it indicates nicely how obvious this element is. There is also the High Pressure Oxygen Gas Tank on the ELC-2 (which will be carried to the Airlock in todays EVA). Probably this makes the ELC so obvious in the image.... Imagery: 10inch Newtonian, manually tracked using a 6x magn tracking scope) _______________________ Ralf Vandebergh
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