Rob Ratkowski
Image taken:
Feb. 20, 2008
Haleakala, Maui
I had my doubts about getting any images. I went to our site on Haleakala w/ Dr. JD Armstrong and pointed my 770mm refractor towards the direction believed to be the correct area. I spotted a fast moving point of light and began shooting frames. I knew that I had something and it was at the time the Navy stated. Also the AMOS 3.67 meter scope was also pointed in the same direction as mine and it tracked to the north and down what I believe was the path of the destroyed satellite. We then set up to shoot the eclipse as seen from Maui. Towards the end of the eclipse we noticed a long faint trail over the area of the satellite intercept that we believe to be the hydrazine vapor, it persisted into darkness. A very interesting evening on Maui
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