Roman Breisch
Image taken:
Dec. 24, 2011
Erdweg, 20 miles west of Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Xmas star? Forget about that ;-) It´s boaring... In the 21st century it looks like that. I photographed a third stage of a sojus rocket, launched this week to bring the new crew to the ISS while disintegrating over Germany at 5:30 pm this years xmas eve. It was a very spectacular look as it wove over the night sky from West to the East getting brighter and brighter and splitting up in hundreds of shiny pieces. What better xmas gift could I get than seeing it, having the DSLR right at hand and be able to get this shot! For sure it`s quite blurry becaue I had to take the highest ISO value possible to get it on the CCD, but - there it is ;-)
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