Russell Cockman
Image taken:
Jul. 22, 2000
Qiantang River near Hangzhou China
Along with approximately a thousand others we viewed the eclipse from the Qiantang River Tidal Bore observation area near Hangzhou, China. For the most part we were clouded out with intermittent showers, though we saw some of the partial phases and unexpectedly, there was a very brief glimpse of the exit diamond ring. The plunge to darkness in the moments before totality gave me goosebumps and we cheered and clapped as totality began. Others celebrated in typical Chinese fashion with a firework display on the other side of the river. Totality was very dark - according to experienced observers it was the darkest they had observed - and I felt privileged to stand in the Moon's shadow for the 5mins 40sec of totality as cicadas fell silent and the swallows went to roost. An hour and a half after the eclipse finished we watched the famous meter-high wave of the Qiantang River tidal bore race past us up river. An extremely memorable day for many reasons.
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