Stephen Ames
Image taken:
Oct. 4, 2008
Hodgenville, KY
Today was one of those days where the weather and viewing conditions were optimal..The disk was soooo clear I spent as much time as I needed to get the AR right...I could see the fibril looking filaments crossing it and actually see differences in the plage...There was 2 brighter spots, one on the E and one on the W side of the main plage...I also saw a spot just S of the main AR... As far as proms, most were very small however, the WEST limb held large whispy clouds that I just couldn't make out they were so faint, hopefully an imager will get a close up, there's a lot of plasma hanging there... Now to the part I hope is the best part, the arrow on the NE part of the limb is pointing to an area I saw what looked like long filaments with streams of plage on the S side of each running their lenghts...Because the area is so close to the limb, I couldn't make out exactly what's going on and again hope an imager can get a close up as I think sumptin is emerging there...
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