Tavi Greiner
Image taken:
May. 29, 2011
Intracoastal Waterway, Shallotte, NC
Four Planets and Five Moons! My first good opportunity to catch the sunrise planets could not have been better timed, with this morning's waning crescent Moon adding the perfect touch! It was an exceptional experience, standing there in the calm of the morning twilight with my young son, watching the darkness give way to a stunningly beautiful sky, as the world around us slept. In the wide-field image, Jupiter and the Moon are at upper-right, while Mars, Venus, and Mercury are diagonally aligned nearer the horizon. (That bright red light closest to the horizon is the beacon of a water silo.) In the close-up image, we see five moons - our own Moon bathed in earthshine, just above Jupiter with its four Galilean moons. Io and Europa are so close as to appear as one moon to Jupiter's immediate right, while Ganymede and Callisto maintain individual positions further right.
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