Tunç Tezel
Image taken:
Jul. 22, 2009
Jinshanwei, China
I was able to take these pictures of totality despite bad weather conditions around Shanghai. Just before the total eclipse began in Jinshanwei, it was all cloudy. It got dark, but there was a brighter spot in the clouds. Then the corona showed up. I got to see more than three minutes of totality thanks to this hole in the clouds. First picture shows the corona through thinner clouds, second show the thin Solar crescent 1 minute after C3. Canon EOS 300D at ISO 1600, 1/5 and 1/250-second exposures with 100-400 mm lens at 400 mm f/5.6 and without tripod. The last picture is how the total eclipse appeared in the clouds. 1/2-second exposure with 10-22 mm lens at 15 mm f/4, without tripod again as I was lying on the grass and holding the camera on the ground.
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