mark staples
Image taken:
Oct. 22, 2011
Little Lake Santa Fe, Waldo, Fla looking NE
I woke up to a clear moonrise at 3am and 46deg. The fog just started to form over the warm swamp and really rolled in over the next hour. I positioned the camera to include Orion, the moon, and the water but the next 10 meteors were everywhere else and mostly near the horizon. So I repostioned the camera to see the fog, the bow of the sailboat and the moon. About 10 exposures later a bright Orionoid shone thru the fog and I knew I got it. The ISO has to be high to get the short flash but the exposure long enough to catch the streak. I took over 200 pics to catch just one with a wide angled lens! The bright moon also shortens the exposure time. So this shot was an ISO of 3200, wide open aperture on a 15mm lens for 25sec. The fog continued to grow so by dawn the opposite shore and sky was gone. The red glow under the streak is a light on Clay Electric's communication tower in Keystone Heights
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