April 2006
Aurora Gallery

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Summary: The interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) tilted south on April 14th, opening a crack in Earth's magnetic defenses. Solar wind flowed in and sparked a strong geomagnetic storm. The resulting auroras were bright--but the glaring full moon was bright, too. Only in parts of Alaska and Canada was the display intense enough to be easily seen.

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Dave Parkhurst,
Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Alaska -USA
Apr. 14
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Between moonrise & auroral light the combination of lighting was surreal. Though Alaska is gaining 5 minutes & 43 seconds of sunlight each day now, a short burst of night still exists and has its surprises.

Pierre Martin,
From near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Apr. 14
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Despite the intense Full Moon, we enjoyed a nice display of greenish auroras over the northern horizon for about an hour. These photos were taken with a Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) and a Canon 16-35mm f2.8 lens. Exposures between 15-30sec, and the ISO between 200-400.

Stephane Levesque,
Ste Luce,Quebec Canada
Apr. 14
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A brief but palpitant aurora because the sky love us.The backround vary in intensity because the moon is in the sky,dancing with clouds. PentaxME,28mm/4f/800 asa at 8 to 15 seconde

Daryl Pederson,
Crow Pass, Alaska  
Apr. 14
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From dusk till dawn the northern lights were visable with periods of very intense activity with bright pink fringes.

Shane Finnigan,
near Vankleek Hill, Ontario
Apr. 14

Pierre Martin and I were surprised to see these auroras bright enough to overcome the full moon. This photo was taken with a Canon 30D and 17-35mm f2.8 lens. Exposure was 30 seconds at ISO 200, and f5.6. These aurora faded and brightened frequently with spiking and banding up to three horizontal layers thick.

James Hamilton,
Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada
Apr. 14

Photo details: Canon G2, f2.0, 15 seconds, ISO 200

Gilles Boutin,
Becancour Quebec Canada
Apr. 14
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I left to hunting to the northern light by seeking spangled zones in the night of April 14, 2006 A light aurora threaded through the clouds and full moon in Quebec then a beautiful sky ...open in front of me The aurora borealis was very soft above calm water which changed into mirror Pentax ist DS lens 18mm

Christopher Zamora,
Glenn Highway crossing Knik River, north of Anchorage, AK, USA
Apr. 14

Canon D20, ISO 200, 3.5f, 20' exposure. Full moon is off frame to the right.

more images: from Norm Jones at Petawawa Point overlooking the Ottawa River in Canada;

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