August 2006
Aurora Gallery

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Summary: A solar wind stream hit Earth on August 7th, sparking a geomagnetic storm and "photographic auroras" as far south as Colorado.

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Thad V'Soske,
Grand Valley (west-central), Colorado
Aug. 07
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At 3:59am I pointed my Canon 20D north in the hope that some auroral activity might show up in my exposure. Even though my eyes couldn't really see the activity the camera captured it in this 75-sec exposure (ISO1600 @ f/2.8 using a zoom lens at 24mm).

Jay Brausch,
east Glen Ullin, North Dakota
Aug. 07

Surge (phase III) aurora started just a couple minutes before 4:00am to my northwest and flowed slowly east along the arc. It reaches up to near 30 degrees in my sky. Used ASA 400 fujifilm.

Stephane Levesque,
Ste Luce,Quebec Canada
Aug. 07

A little aurora before cloudy sky. Pentax Ist Dl2,16mm/30s/4f at 800 asa

Shawn Malone,
Marquette, Michigan
Aug. 07
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Photographing the aurora in shorts and a t-shirt--my idea of an ultimate summer morning! I saw some very bright meteors as well; there is a faint one in this image to the right of big dipper.

Photo details: Canon 5D, f3.5, 46sec, iso400

Chris Gray,
Near Winnipeg, MB Canada
Aug. 07

WHAT A GREAT SURPRISE. Even with an almost full moon in an almost cloudless sky. The auroras of Aug. 7th were a welcome site. It is great how surprise events are that much greater.

Pat Collins,
Labrador, Canada, approximately 54.5 N, 61 E
Aug. 06
#1, #2, #3

These auroras lasted about an hour, from 23:30 until around 12:30. They pulsated and shimmered in vertical trellaces of red, purple and primarily green.

Photo details: Canon Rebel XT; 10-22mm EF-S lens; f 4.5, 26 sec exp.

Geoff Lussier,
Near Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada
Aug. 07
#1, #2, more

Was on my way back to Winnipeg, Manitoba from Kenora, Ontario when I just cleared the forest along the #1. I looked north and ribbons of auroras spanned the entire north horizon. A quick call home confirmed a deparate detour down backroads was in order. Shot the auroras till dawn. Submitted images were a few quick previews to see what I hauled in.

Photo details: Canon 20D, 10-22 EFS 3.5-4, ISO 800, 15 to 20 secs

Mark Vornhusen / Meteomedia,
British Columbia, Canada
Aug. 07

This image was taken via our remote webcam near 100 Mile House, BC. The aurora lasted the whole night there.

Pat Boomer,
Near Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Aug. 08
#1, #2

What a beautiful display, it was right overhead and a bit south of 52N at times. Haven't seen that since May of 2005. Nice purples and reds during the breakouts.

Photo details: Canon 350D 17mm, 15sec @ ISO400

Ken Betenia,
Near Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Aug. 07

I noticed a slight glow in the northern sky but thought it may have been thin cloud in the bright moonlight. Then very distinct auroral curtains appeared. Would have been great if the moon wasn't so bright.

Photo details: Canon EOS 20D, 15 seconds, f4, iso 1600.

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