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December 2010
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Summary: Solar activity continues to increase after a two-year solar minimum that ranks among the century's deepest. The return of sunspots and a resurgent solar wind is good news for aurora watchers, who are seeing some of the best displays since ~2006. See also November 2010.

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Frank Olsen,
Vesteralen Islands, North of Norway
Dec. 27, 2010
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No expectations for Aurora lately, but with clear, bright weather last night, I went out for some star-photographing. But the Aurora was not all that gone. It's not often I get a meteor of this magnitude and brightness together with Aurora. Pictures are taken at Vesteralen islands in the north of Norway. Using Canon EOS 7D with Tokina 11-16 f/2,8, 6-10 secs. exp. ISO 800 - 1250

Chad Blakley,
Aurora Sky Station, Abisko National Park. Sweden
Dec. 25, 2010
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Another great night in Abisko!! When I saw the red glow in the snow and the green lights in the sky I could not help but grab the camera and snap a few shots of the Christmas colors. Soon after these shots were taken the clouds came in and the moon came up. Shot with a Nikon D700, Tokina 11-16 2.8, ISO 1600 and 8-10 second exposures.

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Yuichi Takasaka,
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Dec. 21, 2010
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I have just finished all the time-lapse video sequences taken from Dec. 20/21 TLE night. Full moon rising over boat houses on the frozen Great Slave Lake. There are many snowmobiles passing by. Movies: Aurora over Vee Lake Aurora over Vee Lake (360 degree fisheye) TLE (23:46 - 02:52) over Vee Lake (180 degree fisheye) TLE (00:12 - 02:52) over Vee Lake TLE and Aurora (01:50 - 03:09) over Vee Lake (360 degree fisheye)

Marketa Stanczykova,
Iceland Reykjavik
Dec. 15, 2010
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As Aurora comes so quickly also disappear quickly..

Frank Olsen,
Snarby, just outside Tromsø, Norway
Dec. 14, 2010
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For days I've had waited for the Geminid meteors to arrive. But it was pouring down with snow all night long. So yesterday I went out, hoping for some remains of the meteors. Unfortunately I saw few, and did not manage to get any of them on any shots. Still, there were plenty of Aurora, and here are a few of them. Together with bright moonlight from a half moon who lightened the landscape I had great time. Facts: Canon EOS 7D, Tokina 11-16 f/2,8. ISO 800 - 1000, 6-10 secs exp

Borkur Hrolfsson,
Iceland, Hekla area.
Dec. 13, 2010
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I went out for the Geminids, and got Northern lights as a Bonus. It is very difficult to get a photo of the meteors, but I got few. Canon, long exposure, high ASA, Low F.

more images: from Boris "Snowman_pro" Vakhmistrov of Kirovsk, Khibini mountains, Kola peninsula, Russia; from Chad Blakley of Abisko National Park, Sweden; from P-M Hedén of Vallentuna, Sweden; from Kevin Simmons of Reykjavik, Iceland